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    The instructions Cris has put together really help with your chances of getting it assembled and functional with little soldering skills. Good on you (and whoever else has made any!) for giving it a go.

    TRA 13430, Level 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Locksmith View Post
    Having very little solder skills IDK what I was thinking ordering the Quantum, but I just finished it and to my amazement it works perfectly on the first try!
    Thank you for having such good instruction and guiding us threw it cause it really was fun to do and look forward to building another Eggtimer in future.
    Do a TRS and you'll be able to now find your projects. If you want practice, do an Eggfinder with an LCD then go build a TRS. (You'll have the LCD for the TRS then. It's "magic" when you see the baro altitude coming in.) Kurt

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