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    21st January 2009

    BRB LCD Receiver Repurpose?

    Hi all, I crashed a BRB 900 unit, tracked a last known position that got me right to the impact spot with terra firma...and I'm left with the LCD handheld receiver. Is it worth anything to anyone? Can they be programmed to track a different unit?

    Don't see any contact info on the BRB website.

    If so, I'll post in the yardsale.

    Bruce Aleman

    CAR Level 4

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    13th June 2014
    Cocoa Beach, FL
    I did the same and sold the receiver in yard sale. Someone will take it.

    L3 NAR 98225

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    15th May 2016
    I've crashed and gotten a new transmitter, so it still has value to someone
    David McCann
    Dave's Rockets | My Flights
    URRG |URRF 4| Level 2 | TRA# 14210

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    26th November 2009
    If selling it, might want to consider getting an amateur radio license from Industry Canada and open up some other available options if you go back into GPS tracking. If confining yourself to sport rockets, you wouldn't have to do it but if you plan on more aggressive flight profiles, there are more economical long range
    tracking solutions on the amateur radio side without having to invest in "Kate". No doubt Multitronix is a fine system if you have the coin and a rocket that
    can take the footprint. Kurt

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    19th January 2009
    The BRB900 receiver can be reprogrammed so that it can read any new or existing BRB900 transmitters. You just have to make sure that the "destination ID's" match.

    Greg Clark
    BigRedBee, LLC
    RF Transmitters and GPS Telemetry Devices

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