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    Full-size Saturn V simulation in OpenRocket

    I decided to test the limits of OpenRocket by simulating a full-size Saturn V rocket in it. I wrote an article on the project for our club magazine (in Finnish).

    The results were reasonably good, considering OpenRocket doesn't do full spherical coordinates and the rocket flew at over 20 Mach. In OpenRocket the design reached an altitude of 152 km, while the true orbital altitude was 191 km. (The curvature of Earth at that distance is ~300km.) The rocket's speed profile matches reality quite well, though it remains 20% too low. The acceleration is very close to reality especially during the first stage.

    (Flight profile, velocity and acceleration. Dashed line simulated, solid line reality.)

    Because I wanted to simulate a real flight where the rocket is actively controlled, I added a script to the simulation which forced the orientation and speed vector direction to be that of the real flight. OpenRocket was left to simulate the acceleration, speed and position of the rocket. (If you want to try this yourself, for security reasons you need to manually re-enable the script in Simulation Options --> Javascript script.)

    You can find the article (in Finnish), the ORK design and necessary engine definition file at

    Below are a few images from the design. I had to use a slightly modified OpenRocket version to create the images, as the default version does not expect the 3D models to be so large.

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    That's pretty cool.


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    That's awesome. Can you share a screenshot of the side view, with engine? I'd like to see all the numbers.
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    Here's a screenshot I took for the article. (The real-time simulation results are bogus, since they don't use the script doing the active control.)

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    Very cool, thanks for sharing!
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    Very Nice! I've thought about trying to sim various real life rockets... Hadn't thought about going quite that big.
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    Great effort doing this!
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    That is really, really (REALLY!) cool!

    Thanks for all your hard work on OR!

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    Really cool Sampo. Makes sense to control the orientation since the real rocket isn't passively guided like ours are.

    I'm telling ya though, we're just a hair away from connecting simulation data with that nice Photo Studio. Press play and watch it go!
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    Does OR simulate the rocket hitting the dome when it gets high enough? You hoax-deniers and round-earther types really crack me up.

    Seriously, good job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeus-cat View Post
    Does OR simulate the rocket hitting the dome when it gets high enough? You hoax-deniers and round-earther types really crack me up.

    Seriously, good job.
    You mean flat-earther types? I really don't know what deniers would be doing on this site since most of us take immense pleasure when Buzz Aldrin popped that guy in the face that hassled him about the moon mission. Kurt

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    Look at that, it's even over 1.0 calibers for stability. Must be all the weight for the LEM that helps it out. What a fantastic project, thanks for sharing it and thanks for all your work on OpenRocket!
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    That's way cool.

    for your next trick can you please land a falcon 9?
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    Very impressive. Well done.

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