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    Ever hear of a Longworth Chuck? May build a set for glassing tubes...

    Was just doodling around the net tonight, and somehow found this gem:

    I've got the tools to build this, and am thinking of making a smaller version (x2) to have a self-centering adjustable mandrel for tube glassing that could be easily motorized as well! The blog post shows the device holding a turned bowl on a lathe, but I don't see why you can't hold a cylinder from it's ID...

    Anyone heard of this before? Other ideas for holding cylinders?

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    Since you asked for other ideas, a test plug the right size, chucked in either a three jaw or four jaw chuck should be easy and cheap, but for large tubes the Longworth chuck looks great!

    Steve Shannon

    Steve Shannon
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    Was not aware of the name or history of the device, but I have seen several commercial versions available from various woodworking vendors.

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    This should work.
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    That is an interesting looking tool which might work as well for slotting, at least if the slots don't come close to the end of the tube.

    I was also thinking about something that would clamp inside the tube, so you could square it perfectly since many times tubes, especially larger sizes are roughly cut to length. Perhaps a Longworth-style chuck with larger/longer buttons that could clamp inside the tube without touching the end.


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