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    Balancer--- If there is one puddle around, my rocket will find it!

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    Playing around with different lengths the rocket on this Air Brake recovery concept. Flew four different scratchers today, all worked, although this one didn't deploy completely. Will need to shorten the string attachments for the pull bands a bit, to put more stress on them. Was happy to get a good boost on this, with the shorter length of the "brakes", means it can take more stress. Longer ones look cooler (the DareDevil worked well) but have a tendency to snap.

    One thing I like about the "tubeless" design, when these hit the ground, they hit with the broad base, and ends of the "brakes" can actually "bounce" because they are held up by the rubber bands. I also like the "taper" look a little better than the "flat" or "rectangular" look of the Brake Away.

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