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    Missleworks RRC2+

    Just bought two of these bad-boys and put them up in my 4" Thor Clone this weekend. If you are looking for an easy, out of the box ready to fly deployment altimeter this is the product to get. It's $45 and that's a great price point IMHO.

    I did have a little trouble with one of them however, using a FRESH battery that actually has juice sorta helps and if I would have paid attention to the beeps I probably would have figured out that the voltage was a touch low. My fault, not the altimeter. It was doing what it should by tell me what was wrong and I wasn't paying attention lol.

    One feature I really like is being able to set the pitch of the beeps. With two of these little guys in the e bay it would be tough to distinguish one set of beeps from the other but with the beeps at different notes helped immensely. I also like the blinking light too that corresponds to the beeps. Nice touch. As I understand it, you can wire up a light to the outside of the rocket - I think.

    If I had a criticism, it would be rather picky...okay these criticisms are REALLY picky so take it with a grain of salt:

    - I wish there was a version of these alts that was bigger. Maybe an "old fella" version where the printing was bigger, the switches were bigger, etc. I dang near needed a magnifier to work on this tiny thing.

    - I also hope on the next version there is a separate block to run a switch wire.

    Again, those are pretty picky. I love these alts and I see myself buying a lot more Missleworks products in the future.


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    If you don't care about downloading and air-starting, they are truly the best thing out there!

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    I love mine. Then again I don't download data nor do I have an interest in airstarts.

    A visor mounted magnifier rig is your friend...speaking as a rocketeer with geezerly eyes.
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    I have at least 9 of them. I think... I've lost count. I know I have 5 still in the bags... Every time they come up for sale I grab one or two. They mostly perform as back up to the RRC3s in dual bays. But seeing as how I seem to have a bunch, I'll probably outfit the next bay with 2 of 'em.
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