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    18th November 2014

    Can you change your username???

    Title says it all!!

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    26th November 2009
    Why? Seems like you got a good one. Kurt

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    18th November 2014
    oh, I was just curious. I do like my username, I was just curious.
    Andrew - 13 year old rocketeer who loves to watch and fly model rockets all year long!!!
    2017 - 5 Ns _ Biggest motor, Ellis Mountain G37-10, highest flight around 3,500'
    Andrew "Rockets Rock!" B.

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    The forum administrators can; I saw it happen in a thread once (on request, of course), but I don't think members can change their own usernames.

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    Jim Hendricksen
    L-3 Tripoli 9693
    [ICBM, Orangeburg,SC R.I.P.] - QCRS ,Princeton ILL - MDRA , Price Maryland - Woosh, Bong Wisconsin- ROCC, Charlotte NC , ICBM Camden SC
    "Made" member of Chicago & Carolina Rocket Mafia exact science.......but not exactly !!!

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    If you change it, can I have your old one?

    Scott Wathey
    TRAPHX VP and Waiver Getter
    TRA 7726

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