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    20th February 2009
    Cayuga, Indiana

    FireWire pre-stock sale

    For those that prefer use of unregulated initiators, Pyro Direct is having a pre-order sale:

    L3, TRA #11847
    Tripoli Indiana #132
    Tripoli Central Illinois #59
    Central Illinois Aerospace (NAR) #527
    Chicago Rocket Mafia, "Big Bucks" Dixon

    Quiet little voices creep into my head. -- We Were Promised Jetpacks

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    7th August 2014
    Ahem... "IGNITORS"... cough, cough...

    Sorry. XD

    First RMS Flight: June-17 2015
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    19th January 2009
    Portland, OR
    I see shooters wire on sale....good to know for those seeking it...
    Fred Azinger

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    8th May 2010
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    I have had numerous failures with the Firewire product (both an early batch and one from last year). I have had 4 crashes with them...they test fine and then after non-deployment they test open, even though the "pyrogen" is still on the tip.

    Grey Smith has had a similar problem and wrote about it on his blog -

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    3rd February 2012
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    I've used a hundred or so of these without a failure, but I bought them after the intial batch which admittedly had problems. I also bought some during their pre-order sale last year... it took a LONG time to get them, I barely got them in time for LDRS in June.

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    19th January 2009
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    FireWire pre-stock sale

    We have them for a similar price, in stock. Hopefully I won't get in trouble for posting this. We have also seen no failures in the newest batches, the first run from several years ago had a chemical issue was my understanding.
    Christopher Short
    TRA #10247 L3 TAP
    NAR #83000 L3CC
    Prefect #38
    Chris' Rocket Supplies, LLC

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    18th March 2016
    I get mine at

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