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Thread: A good deal

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    3rd August 2011
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    A good deal

    Since there is no place for tools specifically, I'll put it here.
    I ordered "THIS" and was surprised at the quality. Didn't take all that long to get either, and it was well packaged.
    The collet is machined aluminum, the handle has 2 area's of knurling like Excel's, not just 1 like X-Acto's.
    Comes with 5 quality blades and a blade protector, which isn't brittle like I thought it would be.
    I really didn't need another one, but I had money left on a pre-paid card and Not going to load it again so had to use it, or loose it.

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    Oh why not. I'll grab 1. Or 2.

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    Thanks, Woody. We do build sessions, those will come in handy.


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    $1.29 inc shipping from Malaysia, this is the perfect example for the Shipping Costs thread (I ordered one, too )
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    Ordered 2 myself! Thanks for sharing, Woody!

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    I'm guessing they don't make X-acto knives in the US anymore?

    In any event, that area in Malaysia (Selangor) is renowned for its pewter, they likely have some extensive metalworking industry there (I'm guessing).

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