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    Quick 1340 mock-up flyer

    I also put together a quick Enerjet 1340 mock-up last night - which is to say an overbuilt BT-56 Eliminator with a payload section and 29mm motor tube. I'm still getting the hang of working with the NCR tube cutter.

    I made the motor tube flush, though later noticed the 1340 diagram has it extending out a bit. It will be friction fit, as per tradition. I also have not done anything to simulate the plastic coupler, but I may. And the purple payload section needs a decal or two, or something. Would probably look better with the yellow nose cone, though I am trying to conserve them, so will fly it with the black.

    Planning to fly it later this month, with the Estes altimeter inside. And thinking about maybe getting a Jolly Logic too.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you fly the Estes altimeter, be sure to have generous static ports in the payload section. The Estes unit seems to need a faster decrease in pressure to detect a launch than many other altimeters. If you get a reading, it will likely be pretty good. But I've had more than a few flights that came back with the altimeter still reading zero.

    The Jolly Logic units (all three of them) are far less fussy.

    I did a 1340 from an Eliminator as well. Neat model. So far it's only flown on 24mm motors (via the Estes adapter). I need to go over to the the other side of the state to fly it on a 29mm E or F. Maybe this year.

    Bernard Cawley
    NAR 89040 L1
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    Quote Originally Posted by BEC View Post
    If you fly the Estes altimeter, be sure to have generous static ports in the payload section.
    Thank you for that tip, I have not used it before. I will put some pretty good holes in the payload section, and that will change the look too!

    Our big field is a couple of hours away too, in the next state. And highly seasonal, it being a lake!

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    For what its worth, I've tripped the altimeter with 3 just three holes about the size of a pencil lead (evenly spaced).

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