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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinkal View Post
    I think you're wise to go the DMS route given you circumstances. I justified the RMS purchase due to the fact that I'll be driving about 6 hours to a premier place to fly high altitude rockets, the Blackrock Dessert where's there's an incredible amount of flat open lakebed to launch and recover from. Here's a clip from the AeroPac TRA prefecture that flys here:
    "The place where we fly is a dry lakebed referred to as the Playa. It is a spectacular natural wonder, the largest flat piece of land on earth. Black Rock has been the site for both world land speed records and for most TRA rocket altitude records. It is both beautiful and spiritual, but can also be hostile. Black Rock is about 100 miles north of Reno Nevada with an altitude just under 4,000ft MSL. It's very empty country"

    The launch sites within a few hours of me generally have waivers to 16K, however the Blackrock site generally has waivers to 30K, with a 2 hour window to 146K!
    I'd have to be very confident in my tracking setup and skills before I flew an M impulse motor at the sites with the 16K waiver. While I think I could keep the altitude within limits, it's the tracking and unknown landing zone potential that might keep me at bay.
    Makes sense and I'm jealous! Yeah I have no idea if launching this on an M will be possible with a 10k waiver. Thrustcurve and OpenRocket think so for the CTI M1101 or the Aerotech M1350 (both go to about 9k), but I won't really know until I get a couple of launches in and can dial in a more accurate Cd. I also have aspirations to take a long drive at some point to a site with a larger waiver, but it'd be pretty awesome if I could try it before then. It definitely will require waiting for an incredibly calm day though.

    I'm also debating how draggy I want my camera attachment to be - more drag means less altitude which is good! But I don't want to add asymmetry since a less straight flight will cause way bigger problems than going a little less high.

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    I've made a lot of progress on the AV bay internals but it's a mess still, so that'll be a later post. I've drilled 3x 3/16" vent holes though for the AV bay, a couple of holes for switches (along with tapped #2 holes for screws to hold the switches), and drilled+tapped 3x #4 holes for metal screws to hold the payload bay to the AV bay. I also drilled 1/8" holes in the seams between the booster and switch ring, the switch ring and payload bay, and payload bay and nose cone. I then inserted 1/8" brass rod into the holes and epoxied to one side. This provides both a visual guide and mechanical lock to keep the pieces aligned the way I want. The pictures might make this clearer:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As you can see, I used one rod on one side of the switch band and two on the other side, making it impossible to insert the AV bay backwards. This is definitely overkill but I'm pretty pleased with it, other than the part where I mis-drilled a hole and now have to fill it in with epoxy (you can see the partial hole between the pair of rods). I obviously still need to file the rods down to be flush, but that shouldn't be too bad. This will be good though - having the forced alignment means I can exactly control the location of the various screws that are on the rocket surface to keep turbulence away from the avbay vent holes and make sure the screws won't interfere with the rail. I'm currently so pleased with this that I'm going to leave the metal rods unpainted since I think the little metal circles will look neat.

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