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    30th January 2016
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    I've been meaning to try dropping tungsten powder in molten lead. If someone else tries it, take good notes!

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    I found this on E-bay, GolfWorks powdered lead:

    How I use it here:

    Only trick to using it: just mix it with epoxy to consistency of clay. Add epoxy very sparingly, till right consistency.That way it will slide right down into tip of NC with no residue on sides of cone. Tap tip several times on a folded towel/rag [so you don't damage it] set on board/counter..something solid. This will aid it in the "leveling" process. As you will read in the post, the powdered lead is so close to theoretical density of molted's negligible. I no longer worry about heat build up...[from epoxy cure]seems the lead dissipates that. NC barely gets warm.

    I would think that some golf supply house in OZ would carry this locally in the Pro shop or wherever the make/modify clubs. It's use is for adding swing weight to club.

    I found it for you here...same thing a bit more in cost..seems they will ship it to you at 13.15 and ship..10.52 Oz coin.

    Good luck...this stuff REALY works and has been used in Charlies record setting rockets!

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    Just a quick update (more to keep the pressure on me to build than to relay earth shattering insights)...

    I took the body tube and peeled off that waxy coating, then wrapped it in one wrap of 6 oz fiberglass. I used a barbecue rotisserie to make sure the epoxy was even and didn't sag while curing. A little sanding and one more light coat of epoxy will finish it up.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Next step is to cut out the fins.

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