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    7th January 2013

    Fixed. Apologies.

    Sorry 'bout that. post was fixed. here's the real link:

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    15th February 2012
    Merritt Island, Florida
    My Artificial Horizon L3 project:

    Sent from my iPhone using Rocketry Forum
    TRA #13709
    NAR #94127
    Level 3 - June 2016 (BSD Horizon Clone)
    Level 2 - July 2012 (LOC Bruiser)
    Level 1 - March 2012 (Mad Cow Phoenix)

    Flight stats:
    2018: I=2, J=1, L=1,Total Impulse Burned: 4,981
    2017: G=2, H=1 K=2, Total Impulse Burned: 4,457
    2016: H=2, I=4, J=3, K=3, L=3, M=1 Total Impulse Burned: 26,453
    2015: H=1, I=3, J=1, K=2, L=1 Total Impulse Burned: 9,328
    2014: B=1, F=1, G=3, H=1, I=1, J=4, K=4, L=1 Total Impulse Burned: 13,682
    2013: H=4, I=6, J=10, K=5 Total Impulse Burned: 21,561
    2012: F=17, G=17, H=10, I=1, J=4, K=1 Total Impulse Burned: 10,684

    Current Projects:

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    16th November 2012
    Ok guys here is my NAR Level 3 project with paperwork. its a Ultimate Wildman Kit – 6in x 10.5ft fiberglass kit and went up on a CTI Pro 75mm 4G M1830 C-Star
    It from a few years ago, but its still good stuff!! Some of you may have read about it in the NAR sport rocketry magazine in March of 2017.


    Build thread page

    Successful launch thread

    Enjoy ~ Russ
    ~Russ N8RSH
    Team H3 Rocketry
    NAR 94760 L3

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