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    They have lots of moving parts. Lots of really tiny ones that are expelled out of one or both ends.

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    Enough of the motor vs engines lets get on with the pistol vs handgun.

    Jeff - NAR #76531 -L2

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    I'll second that!👍👍

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    Crap! A Total Obliteration!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rstaff3 View Post
    I will burn both.
    I didnt read past this post- and I refuse too-
    I have gone to find myself, If I return before I get back- Keep me here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bat-mite View Post
    Let's get every single rocketeer in the English-speaking world together at one launch, and have a big tug-of-war to settle it once and for all.
    I say we pit one team against the other in a game of Roc em Soc em Robots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tmazanec1 View Post
    Are those doohickies that propel rockets called "engines" or "motors"?
    Book: "Rocket Propulsion Elements - An Introduction to the Engineering of Rockets" by Georger P. Sutton, references in index: "Solid propellant rocket motors" and "Liquid propellant rocket engines."

    I have and always will go with Sutton's terminology.

    EDIT: For the same basic reasons I believe were behind Sutton's (industry's) choice, I don't call AC/DC motors "engines" nor do I call internal combustion engines "motors."
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcktnut View Post
    Enough of the motor vs engines lets get on with the pistol vs handgun.
    And is it puke or vomit?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeus-cat View Post
    And is it puke or vomit?


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