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    21st January 2009
    Penns Creek, PA

    Secret Santa 2016

    Secret Santa 2016
    Once again it’s time for Secret Santa! Christmas time is fast approaching and all the elves here at the North Pole are busy working overtime to make sure all the good boys and girls get all the rockets, motors, and accessories they deserve.

    To encourage more people to sign up and not wait till the last day, Papa Elf will send a special gift to one lucky participant. Every person who signs up will be entered in a drawing. Their name will be entered in the drawing daily starting the day they sign up, till Thanksgiving Day. So, the sooner you sign up, the more entries you get! (note – if you want to opt out of the drawing, please let Papa Elf know when you submit your entry)

    - First Rule of Secret Santa is talk about Secret Santa!
    - Second Rule of Secret Santa is talk about Secret Santa! (Bonus gift for the first person to name the movie reference :P. Just checking to see who reads the rules)
    - Speaking of Rules, Read the Rules
    - Signup deadline will be Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 24th at 11:59pm. You will be contacted via e-mail with your recipients name, TRF handle, address, and wish list starting as early as November 25th
    - Feel free to post your wishlist within this thread too. It is fun to see what other people are wishing for.
    - You are encouraged to change your signature to advertise this event.
    - Buy a gift for your recipient. How much you spend is optional, but typically most people spend about $20-$30 for their recipient. Participating vendors will be posted in another thread soon.
    - Contact Papa Elf and let him know the gift is ordered.
    - Receive your gift and report you got something in the mail.
    - Christmas Morning - open your gift! Woe to the one that opens their gift early!
    - Post whatcha got and guess who sent it. Don’t forget to say thanks

    If you want to participate, send an e-mail titled "Secret Santa 2016" to "". Note: the old n3tjm e-mail will still work. In the e-mail, include the following information:

    TRF Handle:
    Real Name:
    Phone #:

    Please start a new line for each field, this makes it easier to enter the data into Papa Elf's spread sheet of good boys and girls. Your Phone number will remain private, Papa Elf just needs it in case he needs to contact you.

    Example: (This is Papa Elf's actual wishlist)
    N3tjm <Enter>
    Douglas Gardei <Enter>
    125 Penn View Drive <Enter>
    Penns Creek, PA 17862 <Enter>
    555-555-5555 <Enter>

    Aerotech: Arreaux, Barracuda, Cheetah, G-Force, Initiator, Sumo, RMS 29/120, 180, 240, 360, RMS 38mm Set, RMS 54-1706 case and K550 load.

    Estes: Airborne Surveillance Missile, Alien Invader, Argent PS, Ascender PS, Astron Elliptic II, Astron Sky Dart II, Black Star Voyager, Blast Off Flight Pack, Blue Ninja, Bundle 1, 2 , and/or 3, Christmas Ornaments, Cobra, Conquest, Crossbow SST, Dark Silver, Der Red Max, Designer Kit Special, Eliminator-E, EPM 010, Equinox, Executioner, Expedition, Firebolt, Fletcher, Fusion X25, Goblin, Honest John, HiFlier XL, Indicator, Interceptor E, Jetliner Mini, Laser Lance, Little Joe II, Load Star, Long Tom, Magician, Majestic PS, Mammoth, Maxi Alpha III, Mega Der Red Max, Mercury Redstone, Mini Max, MIRV, Nike Apache, Nike Smoke, Nike Smoke PS, Outlander, Panavia, Partizon PS, Phoenix Bird, Photon Probe, Puma, Quinstar Red, Green, Gold, Yellow, or Pink Crayon, Sahara, Satellite Interceptor, Saturn V, Scion, Scorpion, Screaming Eagle, Shuttle, SLV, Solar Warrior, Space Shuttle, Star Orbiter, STM 012, Stormcaster, Stratocruiser, Super Neon, Super Nova, Trajector PS, Twin Factor, Vector Force, Ventris PS, V2;. E12-0, E16-0. E16-4, F15-0 and/or F15-4 motors.

    Dynasoar - IntR/Ceptor, Spyplane, X-plane RC Kits.

    Fliskits: Adfecta, Buckshot, Celtic Thunder, Cut Away Model Rocket Motor, Decim8, dooDad, Doubles, Journeyman, K’tng’a, L-13, Mercury Redstone, M.A.C.M.E. Shrew, Mako, MIRA, Nantucket Sound, Narhams Gold, Nell, Proxima Centauri, S.P.A.D., Tesla, Tiberius, Trifecta, V2, V2-WAC Bumper;

    Loc: Expediter, Minie Magg, Phoenix Barebone Kit, Star Fighter 152, Viper III or IV, Warlock

    Pemberton Technologies: Bucky Jones, Space Ark;

    Quest B6-4, C6-3, C6-5 motors, 24pk igniters, Aerospace One, Full Betty, SHX Stilleto.

    Semroc – Baby Orion, Der V-1.5, Geehod, Little Joe II, Mars Lander, Moon Glo, Orbital Transport, Satellite Killer, Saturn 1B, SLS Lil' Hustler, Starship Excaliber, Space Shuttle, Yung’un’s Nuke.

    Other: CTI E75 Motors. CTI 24mm 2 grain case, closures, Possibly Loads.
    Pack of F24-4W and F35-5W’s from Hobbylinc.
    Any G Reloads from Hobbylinc
    AMW Gift Certificate
    Hobbylinc Gift Certificate
    Performance Hobbies Gift Certificate
    Gift visa to buy Gas.
    Anything from Wildman
    Anything you think Papa Elf would like.

    Have Fun!

    Papa Elf

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    ************************************************** ***************************
    Total Impulse for 2018: 0 - Would love to fly a L1000
    Total money for MOAR IMPULSE: $0

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    17th December 2013
    Slagle, La
    I'm in!

    I know some of this stuff may be a bit pricey. I am trying to include a variety. This list will be updated regularly as more ideas come to mind. I won't bombard Papa Elf with emails, so whoever gets my name check back here regularly, maybe something more affordable will show up.

    LOC Iroc (Hey my Secret Santa may be overly generous)

    Scratch built design in my head:
    3" body tube - LOC, Binder or blue tube (even better)
    54mm body tube - LOC, Binder or blue tube (even better)
    3" Nose cone
    48" X-Type chute
    12" X-type parachute

    Hardware: used is fine if you have some you no longer fly, just as long as they are safe and flight worthy
    Aerotech compatible: 29/180 case, 38/120 case, 38/480 case - I have closures, but they would be nice too
    Any Loki 38mm motor (120, 240, 480)
    Aerotech 38mm reload adaptor system

    2.6" fiberglass Goblin
    3" Little John

    3" 3-Demon
    3" Occulus

    Eggtimer Rocketry Classic or Quantum (if it is assembled and operational, that is absolutely okay)
    MissileWorks RRC2+
    Perfectflite Stratologger CF

    18x18 chute protector
    Missileworks screw switches
    RRC2+ 38mm Li-Ion Modular Sled System
    Nomex shock cord protector

    I will appreciate anything I get and will incorporate into a build in some form or fashion, it just may take a while.

    Last edited by MikeyDSlagle; 27th November 2016 at 11:16 PM. Reason: Added WishList
    Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.
    TRA #16513
    Level 1: Danger Close ---AT H123W to 1240'--- 29 OCT 2016
    Level 2: Binder Design Tyrannosaur ---AT J315R to 2148'--- 30 SEP 2017

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    Lapeer, MI
    I'm in too! Work on list later.

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    Fight club, and I'll send the email.


    Dynasoar: Hypersonic II

    Aerotech: E6-RC loads, 29/40-120 loads

    Fliskits or Squirrelworks: Anything unique and fun, lots of options from both of them.

    Estes: Nike Smoke, Nike Smoke PS, Saturn V

    Pemberton: Kraken, King Kraken

    Loki/Binder/AMW: 38mm or 75mm snap-ring cases

    Polecat: 10" Nike Smoke

    RCS: Bucket of AP

    Raven altimeter

    Anything else you think I might like
    Last edited by ttabbal; 1st November 2016 at 04:51 PM. Reason: Adding wishlist

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    30th January 2016
    US > OK > NE
    Had a great time on the summer one, I'm in!

    List sent :-)

    Aerotech: Cheetah / Generic, Initiator, Arreaux, IQSY, Barracuda
    ASP : Way Two High, 24 / 18 WAC Corporal / Tiny Tim
    Estes: Ascender, Prowler, PSII Nike Smoke
    GMA: 13/18/24mm EX gear
    LOC : Aura, Minie Magg, Warlock :-P
    Loki : 38-120 motor, g66lr, g80lw, g70ct : Super Centauri + Boostar-C / D, Mach I / Mach II / Cobra Striker
    New Way : 2x4
    Odd'l : Break Away
    Pemberton : Kraken, King Kraken
    Quest: Li'l Grunt, Minotaur
    RCS: 18mm propellant grains
    Rocketarium : Retro Rebel, Mega Rebel, Rebel John
    Semroc: Orion, Starship Excalibur
    SpaceX : Any Dragon
    TLP : Folgore

    Other: 54mm FG VK NC w/ phenolic or metal tip
    Other : Any 24mm MD CF / FG bird, NC, or other component
    Other: Any altimeter weighing less than 2g

    ... or a surprise!
    Last edited by dhbarr; 16th November 2016 at 04:24 AM.

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    Penns Creek, PA
    Quote Originally Posted by ttabbal View Post
    Fight club.
    We have a winner .
    ************************************************** ***************************
    Total Impulse for 2018: 0 - Would love to fly a L1000
    Total money for MOAR IMPULSE: $0

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    Quote Originally Posted by n3tjm View Post
    We have a winner .
    Woot! A handful of used dog barf? Burned Aerotech loads?

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    23rd February 2014
    Eastern Shore, MD
    I am in, will post wish list later
    Dennis Kingsley
    NAR #97251, TRA #17554, MDRA #128
    L1 - Madcow Torrent
    L2 - Madcow Sensor
    L3 - Extended Madcow Stinger

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    I'm in.

    Ok email sent. Going with a slightly modified last year's list.

    My List:

    Estes Der Red Max, Estes Sahara, Estes Panavia, Estes Mammoth
    Any Wildman kit (colored tubing is awesome)
    Any Madcow kit
    Any Performance Rocketry Kit
    Any LOC kit
    Aerotech – Sumo
    Any 3”-4” fiberglass kit (non-dual deploy and 29mm/38mm/54mm motor)
    AT 29/40-120 reloads
    AT 24/40 Reloads (E and above)
    CTI 38mm Hardware
    Black Hawk Harness – 2 loop
    Quick links
    Barrel swivels
    Kevlar cord – 300 to 700 lb
    Nylon parachutes – 12” to 18”
    Shock cord protectors
    Nomex blankets – 6” to 12”
    Any Rocket Related Gift Card
    Last edited by smugglervt; 4th November 2016 at 05:18 PM. Reason: Add list
    Jim V

    Champlain Region Model Rocket Club
    NAR #101467
    L1 - 5/21/16 Estes Mega Der Red Max H128W to 1,021'
    L2 - 4/22/18 Wildman 4" Patriot CTI J280 Smokey Sam to 2,750'

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    5th February 2009
    Montreal, Qweebec
    I'm in too..

    Anything LPR or MPR really.. Although I'd love a 2nd Aerotech 29mm 40/120 case..

    Fliskits are a favorite.. And I don't have anything by Sirius Rockets or Dynastar, would love to give one of these a whirl!

    I take parts too!!

    NAR# 101258 - L2
    I don't know the same things you don't know..

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    14th April 2015
    Enumclaw, WA
    It would be great if the signup and recipient list were published at least a few days before the black friday sales start so participants could have a chance to better plan what to get for their recipient.
    Ryan Winslow
    Level 1 5/28/16 3" kitbash Patriot H128W
    Level 2 5/13/17 Polecat 4" BBIII J270W

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    18th March 2012
    Huntsville, AL
    Email sent!
    Matt, Tripoli #14257
    L1 11/13/16
    L2 2/25/17
    L3 Spring 2018....
    Facebook Youtube

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    I'm in again...

    Wish list:
    Rocket Kits:
    Any kit from Cosmodrome Rocketry
    Any mid-power or high power rocket kit (Madcow, Wildman, Rocketry Warehouse, AMW, etc)
    Squirrel-works - Metropolitan Police Call Box kit
    fliskits - Deuce's Wild, Rose-a-roc, Frick -n- Frack, Decaffinator

    Hardware/reloads: (yeah, lots of wishful thinking here... Used is great also!)
    38mm Gorilla-compatible nozzles, forward bulkhead, Nozzle Washer, Snap rings, etc
    38/1320 AT case
    AT 24/60 case
    24/40 AT reloads
    29/40-120 AT reloads
    AT 54/2800 case
    54mm AT extended forward closure
    CTI Pro 29mm 6-grain or 6xl casing
    29mm HP reloads (CTI/AT)
    38mm reloads (CTI/AT/Gorilla)
    54mm reloads (AT)

    Wildman or Hobbylinc gift certificate
    Sunriver Nature Center gift certificate (local rocket supplier)
    fliskits stable/unstable T-shirts
    kevlar shock cords (3/16"+)
    nomex - the larger size, the better. bulk is great too. I have a sewing machine, and I'm not afraid to use it!
    Stratologger CF
    Eggtimer Quark kits
    Eggtimer TX kit
    License key for Burnsim software!
    Last edited by emckee; 8th November 2016 at 07:06 PM. Reason: added Burnsim

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    NW Ohio

    Secret Santa 2016

    I'm in!
    Any hardware or closures on this list can be used, I'm perfectly fine with that.

    Aerotech 29/ 40-120 motor
    Any Aerotech 38mm hardware/closures
    Aerotech 29mm standard (non Hobby Line) forward and rear closures
    CTI 54mm spacers/closures.
    CTI 54mm 6 grain casing (that one's a stretch)
    Aerotech reloads for the 29/ 40-120. Particularly the G64W or G76G in either 7 or 10 second delays.
    Any 29mm Aerotech HP reload.

    Wildman Demon Sport (to match my Demon 98)
    Madcow gift certificate
    Apogee Components gift certificate
    Estes- Any of the PS II builder kits, Saturn V
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    NAR# 100470
    L1- 10/18/15 LOC IV CTI H163
    L2- 4/16/16 Madcow PAC-3 CTI J285

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    Grand Rapids, MI
    I'm in, I'll send an email after work.

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    Rocket City (Huntsville) Alabama
    I'm in!

    Will send list ASAP after work today!

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    I'm in too! I'll send my email as soon as I come up with a list later today.
    On the Bench: NARTREK Gold, Hi-Flier XL
    WANTED: Estes Kits: Space Shuttle #1284, Jupiter C #1976, Saturn 1B #1229 or #2048
    Electronics: Jolly Logic Altimeter Three, Jolly Logic Chute Release
    Dallas Area Rocket Society Member - Section #308

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    3rd October 2014
    Rocket City (Huntsville) Alabama
    Home from work and signed up! Posting my list as well:

    Accur8: Mercury Redstone MR-1 skin kit,

    Estes: Der Red Max, Baby Bertha, Big Bertha, Saturn V, Vagabond, STM 012, Astron Sprint XL, any BP motors (A-F)

    LOC: Big Nuke Mini, Bruiser Mini, EZI-65 Mini, Hi-Tech Mini, HyperLOC Mini, ISIS Mini, IV Mini, Magnum Mini

    Madcow: 1.6” (38mm) Mini Frenzy, 2.6” DX3 The Viper Flying Model

    Newway: Vigilangle

    Quest: Astra, Big Betty, Big Dog, Q2G2 3.5” ignitors, B6-4, C6-3, C6-5 motors

    Semroc: Ranger, Goblin, Shrike

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    27th March 2011
    I'm in again.
    Mike J

    Parachute Rigger

    There is no such thing as a "parasheet".

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    30th January 2016
    US > OK > NE
    Quote Originally Posted by sandeja1 View Post The Viper Flying Model
    One of my favorite things about Santa is he brings me new ideas for free!

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    20th January 2009
    I throw my Llama fur fedora in again this year. Email and list to follow shortly.

    (Loved Fight Club, it was a total brain twist.)
    Layne Pemberton NAR# 83083
    Mad Scientist, Minion and Owner
    10 Stagecoach Rd.
    Conway, AR 72034

    L1 on Pem-Tech Space Ark

    pem_tech (at) Yahoo (dot) com
    TRF (at) pembertontechnologies (dot) com

    L2 - CTI Certify With Us - 4" HMAS Bonestell build

    Under Development: Marza as of 04/29/06, Ten-Ten (10-10) as of 03/01/07, LPR M2-Mars Challenger 04/17/07, Starship Achilles as of 07/30/07, Goonie Kraken as of 07/12/08 (Thanks to Jewel Barton), The Gorgon as of 02/12/2010, Sorta' Saturn VII Gemini Launch Vehicle as of 08/08, Lemon Aid as of 08/15/08, Arcturus as of 08/25/06, MPR Bonestell
    as of 1/21/07, Orion Boom-Boom as of 07/01/08,Gorgon 2010

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    Montreal, Qweebec
    Tyler Durden... that was the guy who said "The first rule of.."

    NAR# 101258 - L2
    I don't know the same things you don't know..

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    15th October 2016
    Huntsville AL
    I'll join. I already sent the email.
    Seeing some lists here, I may put some more premium items on it in case Santa is feeling generous.

    Estes(desired in descending order):
    -Blackstar Voyager (I want to give it a Krenim Timeship theme)
    -Airborne Surveillance Missile
    -Flip Flyer
    -Loadstar II
    -Honest John (24mm)
    -QCC explorer


    AAR (from apogee and ?):
    -Dong-Feng 11A

    US rockets(from apogee and ?):
    -Dual 18mm rear eject (this is the actual rocket name.....)

    -H152 Blue streak (they're back in stock ) my NAR 101195 for reference

    -29/120 or 180 case
    -Single Use G80NT motor(s)

    -1010 rail buttons with weldnuts/screws
    -38mm Aeropack retainer (fits madcow tubes)
    -38mm Aeropack retainer base (male part)
    -12"x12" chute protector

    Jolly Logic:
    -Altimeter 1 (or 2 or 3)
    -Heck this is my wishlist, I'll throw the Cute release on too!

    Bonus: Madcow 4" Phoenix
    "I'm at least 70% confident about whatever I say (90% of the time)"- college me

    NAR 101195
    Level 1: Big SAM, 9/10/16

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    30th January 2016
    US > OK > NE
    Quote Originally Posted by Nytrunner View Post
    I'll join. I already sent the email.
    Seeing some lists here, I may put some more premium items on it in case Santa is feeling generous.
    Yeah, I threw in some stretches ; maybe someone has three of them sitting around! Just like wish lists when I was a kid :-)

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    8th November 2015
    Alexandria Va
    I'm in

    Edited with list

    RMS 54mm Forward Plugged Anchor Closure
    RMS 54/1706 motor case
    Aerotech 54/426-2800 case combo
    Mega Der Red Max
    madcow mini frenzy
    madcow 2.6" DX3
    Last edited by kcobbva; 14th November 2016 at 12:49 AM.
    NAR# 100059 Tripoli# 17072 KM4TZU
    Level 1 (Madcow Torrent / Cesaroni I236 - March 13 2016 2023ft - Dual Deployment)
    Level 2 (Madcow Level-2 "RumbleBee" / Cesaroni J250 Sparky - April 3, 2016 2096ft)
    Highest Flight: Level 2 "RunbleBee" 9490ft Max Vel. 1530ft/s Apr 9, 2017 LDRS36

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    6th June 2009
    Sunny Deltona, Florida near the beach
    Here is my wish list!
    Wish list for Secret Santa
    1. Model Number: SP007 Spitfire
    2. Model Number: FR016 MZira
    3. Model Number: FR017 Tibrerius
    4. Model Number: FR014 K’TNG’A
    5. Model Number: MS004 Trifecta
    6. Model Number: SP027 Narhams Gold
    1. Lil Grunt Advanced Rocketry Kit
    2. Mean Green Advanced Rocketry Kit
    3. Magnum Sport Loader Model Rocket Kit
    4. Harpoon Model Rocket Kit
    5. Future Launch Vehicle Model Rocket Kit
    6. Navajo AGM Model Rocket Kit
    7. Zenith II Model Rocket Kit
    Pemberton Technologies:
    1. The Kraken
    2. Sceeming Green Meenie
    3. Space Ark Jr.
    4. Little Bucky Jones
    1. 1:3 Scale Arcas
    2. Aerobee 300
    3. Aerobe 150
    4. Defender
    5. Cherokee D
    6. Blue Bird Zero
    7. Laser X
    8. Satellite Killer
    9. Scrambler
    10. Shrike
    Dr. Zooch Kits:
    1. Dr. Zooch MOL
    2. Dr. Zooch R7 Luna
    3. Dr. Zooch Vostok
    4. Dr. Zooch Apollo 5 Saturn 1B
    5. Dr. Zooch Ares-1
    6. Dr. Zooch Ares-1X
    7. Dr. Zooch AS-203 Saturn 1B
    8. Dr. Zooch AS-205 Saturn 1B
    9. Dr. Zooch ATSP Saturn 1B
    10. Dr. Zooch Atlas Agena
    11. Dr. Zooch Freedom 7
    12. Dr. Zooch Space Shuttle
    13. Dr. Zooch Titan IIIC
    14. Dr. Zooch Soyuz
    15. Dr. Zooch Skylab 1 Saturn V
    16. Dr. Zooch SLS

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    10th April 2015
    Palmer, Alaska
    Thanks Papa Santa!
    My wish list includes:

    #1 and at the top of my wish list for several years is a Cosmodrome Rocketry Nike-Apache kit.
    Aerotech 29-120 case
    Aerotech 29mm closures
    (Gallon sized bag of dog barf) Strike the dog barf, Thanks CzTeacherMan!!
    Any 29mm AT reloads
    Any Squirrel works kit
    Gift certificates work great too!

    Merry Christmas!
    Last edited by Danomite45; 14th November 2016 at 10:34 PM.
    NAR# 52591 L1
    5..4..3..2..1..0............why am I looking up at the sky, and my rocket still on the pad???

    Stickershock23/ Mark and Marian could use a little help.
    Donate to the Marian Hayes Cancer fund here:

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    7th July 2006
    SW Ohio

    Secret Santa 2016

    In as always!

    Anything from MadCow, Rocketman, FruityChutes or Wildman. Kits would be great
    NAR #86177
    TRA #16435
    L1 with Loc Precision H76 Vulcanite on H73J (2,109') 7/23/06
    L2 with Binder Design Velociraptor on K695R (6,171' @ 716mph) 9/20/15
    L3 with Polecat Aerospace 10" Nike Smoke on M2500T (6,468' @ 556mph) 11/26/16 (RIP 5/26/17 :cry:)

    Current Projects:
    Waive Goodbye (design around 18k waiver)

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    3rd October 2013
    Cape Cod
    IN. I'll get list together and send soon.

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    8th August 2014
    Rockford, IL
    I'm in... Papa Elf, I want Noffie as my recipient... LoL!
    I've got a couple bits and pieces to offload, so whoever I get is getting bits and pieces in addition to their wish list item.
    Wish list is all Wildman:
    (Save shipping by just having Jackie hand me a package, I see the Wild-family pretty often)
    Gift certificate
    CTI 29-3 grain loads (any)
    AT 29/180 loads (any)
    Any 29 or 38 CTI or AT loads (get the longest delay, I can drill down, if needed)
    Any Wildman Mini or Sport kit
    Ultimate DarkStar :-)

    Last edited by CzTeacherMan; 12th November 2016 at 03:21 PM.
    TRA #15280 - QCRS, Tripoli Wisconsin, WOOSH
    Level 1 - 9/28/2014 Wildman Sport on CTI H163 White Thunder
    Level 2 - 5/23/2015 Wildman 3" Darkstar CTI J400 Smoky Sam
    First Mile+ & Mach+ - 9/25/2015 Wildman Punisher CTI J360 Skidmark
    Level 3 - 5/15/2016 Wildman Gizmo XL-DD-V CTI M1540 Imax

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