Outstanding idea! Well done.

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For those who missed it, adapting a $30 Bike Repair Stand for use as a big pad. Here's a link to the main thread:


This one is only sold by Aldi (yes, the "mostly" Grocery store), and only 2-3 times a year. These went on sale in late April and by now most stores are sold out. But they may have them again in the Fall.

Easily tilted for loading.

The adapter for holding a rod, 1" PVC pipe using a Drill Chuck. An adjustable Clamp Lever grabs onto it (Orange clamp) as intended for grabbing a Bike. Also can grab onto a rail directly.

First flight off the pad, a very large Tri-F-O Pyramid on a G.

EACH leg has a span of 28", very wide and sturdy. May not look as big in the above photo.

More pics how-to, and video at the link near the top of this post.