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    Well I see AT is trying to improve its 24mm motor reloads. If they can do better and make a longer 24mm casing than CTI, they will win a bunch of SEDS interest on a national level as a 24mm H class motor doesn't exist. SEDS will gladly take the longer burn times with additional case length then reduce the fin span for stability and maximum drag reduction. Most SEDS teams are dropping $500-600 on L-1 motor hardware and reload options a year, so $48,400 is out there for grabs. Lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rharshberger View Post
    Isn't mentioning a competitors motor in Aerotech's thread kind of bad form? My opinion of course.
    Of course, mea culpa.

    I like AT 24/40, 24/60 but do wish they'd develop longer 24's that -don't- require the HazMat. An HPR AT in 24mm is a pretty big wish, however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhbarr View Post
    Of course, mea culpa.

    I like AT 24/40, 24/60 but do wish they'd develop longer 24's that -don't- require the HazMat. An HPR AT in 24mm is a pretty big wish, however.
    Me too, I would love to see some longer 24mm offerings from AT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Shannon View Post
    Isp is the Specific Impulse, which is more of a material property of the propellant and not really specific to a particular load. I think you’re wondering about the “impulse” which is also referred to as “total impulse”. The calculation of specific impulse is done by dividing the total Impulse (in Newton seconds) by the weight of the propellant in Newtons (Lbs-seconds divided by lbs. also works of course). The results will have the unit “seconds”.
    The Specific Impulse of all White Lightning propellant should be very similar. I just calculated it for the G64W and it was about 205 seconds.
    The certification document does not report Specific Impulse.

    Steve Shannon
    Ha ha! Well ya got me! I guess this is what I get for posting in a hurry while using voice to text! Yup... I bungled it... Let me rephrase: ...I wonder what the *It* is...

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