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    Quote Originally Posted by markg View Post
    Thanks, where did you pull this image from? I just spent 10 minutes digging but I can't find it on their site.

    cheers - mark
    Resources > Catalogs, Flyers, Data Sheets & Thrust Curves
    "AeroTech RMS Delay Length Cross-Reference"
    Its the 5th link in the list starting at the top.

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    Nik B.
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    Is there any way I can order just the Floating Forward Closure from the 38mm RAS kit? I seem to have lost mine, only things I can come up with is that I either loaned it to someone and lost track of it, or else someone took it. Would rather not have to re-buy the whole set as I have everything else, just need the FFC. Thanks.

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    Impulse flown (flights): 2013: 767Ns (2), 2014: 4298Ns (8), 2015: 7486Ns (16), 2016: 11695Ns (18), 2017: 7256Ns (10)

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