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    Quote Originally Posted by 3stoogesrocketry View Post
    Well that makes a world of difference . I thought ( and I guess miss understood ) that you purchased a new load and it had the wrong nozzle. My apologizes to you and aerotech .

    Glad you asked the question. I didn't provided enough info and now everything is clear.


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    The G42 was a loss leader to compete against cheap BP G's. It was a very useful motor. The G55 was the closest thing to a 24mm H.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cl(VII) View Post
    I flew an old AT 24mm G46W today. All I can say is, PLEASE MAKE THESE AVAILABLE AGAIN. Please, pretty please. If not this exact one then some other 24 mm single use Gs.
    Quote Originally Posted by markkoelsch View Post
    You want a G55...

    Peter Olivola

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