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    GMA 24mm hardware.

    Just some shots of whats coming next. I hope you all like them.



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    Re: GMA 24mm hardware.

    Hmmm! Interesting!

    Who's making the reloads? Are they AT compatible?

    How much is the hardware?

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    Re: GMA 24mm hardware.

    Looks pretty spiffy!

    Will echo GA, price?
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    Re: GMA 24mm hardware.

    I believe they are for research.
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    Re: GMA 24mm hardware.

    Quote Originally Posted by Green Arrow View Post
    Hmmm! Interesting!

    Who's making the reloads? Are they AT compatible?

    How much is the hardware?

    I second that emotion....
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    Re: GMA 24mm hardware.

    Yeah! Dude...they looks sweet as. I'll defo be wanting one.

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    Re: GMA 24mm hardware.


    It's research hardware so you make the reloads. I make the hardware and sell the reloading supplies like casting tube, liner tube, O-Rings, and nozzles.

    I like to make 1 grain single Estes size motors. and (2,4,6) grain motor sets. the pics are of the prototype 1 grain motor. Burn Sim puts a 1 grain wimpy red load at a 12% F-35 45ns.

    2 grain = F
    4 grain = G
    6 grain = H-210 218ns WR.

    the 24mm sets will finish off the GMA line of model rocket size research motors. 13mm, 18mm, and soon 24mm.


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