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Thread: G25's?

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    The old Aerotech G25 was always one of my favorite single use motors. I was very sad to learn that they are no longer available. I loved flying my Arcas on a G25! A nice slow liftoff and a beautiful, long burn...

    Anyway, in this era of excessive regulation I was wondering if there was any possibility of the G25 coming back into production. Gary, what do you think?

    Rich Lindsey
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    Nice to see Ahhhh another long burning fan! I've begged Gary R about this issue--so far sadly, w/o response--bring back at least a few of the great motors of yore, many of which were used in altitide records are legacy. We have a new K250 which at a buck a N-s is likely the highest priced motor $/total impulse wise we have ever seen. There are still takers and I may break down myself here in a moment of weakness.
    John S

    BTW here is a recent thread related to the issue:

    PS TRA should have a rule that wipes altitude records off the books when the motor used becomes unavailable--or at least have two categories, now available vs forever.

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    Well, it's more like a 10c/Ns

    it's 2500Ns and $250, so it isn't quite as bad as you imply...

    Still not cheap though...
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    my mistake, older I get tougher decimals are to track. Stand corrected. Its a real bargain at about 100/lb for apcp. A 6300N-s M from Loki goes for about the same.

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    I'd love to get my hands on some Ellis Mountain long burners. The G20 with a 5.47 second burn sounds like it would be a lot of fun.
    Matthew Small

    Lucky I like long walks in the countryside.

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    Please visit my poll on propulsion and cast a vote.

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    Launched an Aspire on a G25-10 at NYPower a few years ago. Got the rocket back even! Well, sans nose cone, but still...

    Like some F/G long-burners as well...

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    I have exactly one of these left, and I'm trying to decide what to put it in. I'm thinking I'll stick it in the I.P.F.I. strikeship that my SS generously gave me - it would be spectacular on the long burn.

    I wish they were still made, though, as I would snap a bunch up in a heartbeat, even at the current SU prices.

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