View Full Version : AeroTech gains eight new California OSFM approvals

12th December 2010, 06:30 PM
CEDAR CITY, Utah USA — The California Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) has issued classification approvals for three AeroTech model rocket single-use motors and five high-power RMS™ rocket motor reload kits. The specific products approved are three 24mm single-use F-30 motors, a 29mm H138 Blue Thunder motors for the 29/40-120 hardware, a 54mm I170 Mojave Green for the 45/426 hardware, a J1799 Warp9™ 54/426 hardware, a 75mm L1520 for the 75/3840 hardware, and a 98mm L400 for the 98/5120 hardware. The approvals allow the purchase and use of these rocket motor products by California consumers. A copy of the new California OSFM approvals is now available for download in PDF format from the Resource Library on the AeroTech website.

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