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7th November 2010, 11:37 PM
Going for my L2 on NOV. 20th in Cherryfield Maine.
Using my HyperLOC 835 on a AT J540R. Should put it up a mile or so.
Dual deploy, main at 400'.
I'll have my keychain cam. strapped to the side. I hope I get some good video. I'll probably forget to turn it on!!!
Well I guess all this depends on passing the test!

8th November 2010, 02:04 AM
Good luck! Make sure you get pictures too. That J540 is a sweet motor with an awesome red flame!

8th November 2010, 02:19 AM
Good luck with your cert attempt. :)

8th November 2010, 03:59 AM
Good luck, Mainer!

Glad to see the Cherryfield launches back on the map.

8th November 2010, 05:15 AM
You stated that you plan to pop the main at 400 feet. That seems a little low for a cert attempt. Definitely cool if everything comes out and opens immediately as it should, but if you have a little snafu, you may want to have a couple hundred more feet to give things a chance to work themselves out.

Whatever you choose, good luck on your cert attempt!

8th November 2010, 07:15 AM
Best of luck!!!

Good choice of motor

8th November 2010, 01:54 PM
Good luck on your cert. I wish I were able to get up there. Maybe next year.

What rocdoc said was right when he said 400 feet seems a little low. I would set it for something like 700, just in case the chute doesn't want to open right away.

8th November 2010, 06:29 PM
Yeah, I'll set it to 700'. Good advice guys, Thanks

22nd May 2011, 11:47 AM
Ok so it's not November but its the day I go for my L2. November launch happened but my cert. Team couldn't make it. Same rocket and motor as before.

Cyril's Scribe
22nd May 2011, 12:57 PM
Best of luck, hope that everything turns out well. Wish I were back in Worcester to go to the launch!

23rd May 2011, 11:12 AM
Got to the field in hopes that the field had the only sun in Maine, it didnt. Low cloud cover, maybe 1500-2000', then the rocket gods gave me a break after a few hours of waiting, I needed atleast 5k'. The sky opened up for the rest of the day, perfect weather! First attempt on the Aerotech J540R, Very fast flight! Flew perfect, drogue out at apogee. Did not drift at all, main was set 700'. Charge went off shear pins, well they sheard but I guess I didnt have enough of a charge. Shoulder of the nose cone was exposed maybe a inch. Crashed under drogue, booster on its side within 100' of us. Walked over, Alt. beeped out 5143' well thats cool but... Inspect for damage, grabbed the fins. What!! not broken?! inspect the rest of the rocket, all ok! Scratched the chrome wrap that I put on it, thats it. So I had to wait for Robert DeHate to show, bought a cert. special, J295 Classic. Prepped the rocket, double the charge this time! This time it was going to seperate. Gave the count down, more nervous than before. Took off, nice and straight. Drogue out, check then the wait.....should pop soon and it did, main inflated!! landed within 50' of us. Hit a mile on my cert. flight, 5942'

23rd May 2011, 11:20 AM
Here one photo taken by Gerry Flanagan. It looks like my second attempt

23rd May 2011, 01:00 PM
Congratulations on your cert.