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Nyt's fleet

My random collection of rockets that have drawn my interest.
  1. Big SAM. My L1 rocket! 
4" Madcow Patriot selected because an Estes Patriot was the first kit I bought. 
Successful motor deploy Cert on a...
  2. Goldenrod! 
An Estes PSII Mammoth I got from a club member. It's an E2X so I can't just put it together. A Chute release will let it fly on some...
  3. Vertigo II! 
Modified Pro Series II Ventris. First electronic personal rocket. Altimeter in the transition and forward main deployment.
  4. My Greystar Voyager! 
1 month to build, one month to detail. That was an endurance build. It's got a 24mm retainer and adjustable noseweight.
  5. OpTom(ahawk)! 
A Quest Tomahawk I built with my then girlfriend. Left it with her to decorate, she drew the Optic tract on it (Optometery student, go...
  6. The white Sorcerer II. 
Second Estes magician after the first floated away to the "Tic Woods" on an E9. This thing flies too well.
  7. The Great Big Inductor (GBI) mk. 18. 
My successful attempt at finless Induction stabilization. Also the first scratch build.
  8. The Headless Redstone. 
Lost it's tower to the low thrust of a Quest C6. Like SAM, it enjoys 18mm D's.
  9. The Monza! 
Because I can't just build an E2X Amazon and leave it at that. Already suffered a melted retainer due to Quest C6 heat soak.
  10. SAM the Estes Patriot. 
First kit I bought, and always returns to sender. Likes to fly on 18mm D's and a chute release.
  11. Surviving Crossfire twins; Redcross II and Goldfinger II
  12. NEO the Stratocruiser. 
Lost a fin to car travel so now it has less drag! 2nd oldest rocket.
  13. My SONOmA. 
An Estes SEQUOIA with rearranged decals. Also my first 13mm rocket. 
Has a removable nose for altimeters
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