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OR Models

A collection of model renders from (mostly) original designs, some of models I've built, others not
  1. Alcubierre: build pending
  2. Plasma Dart
  3. Starship Avalon final design renders
  4. Starship Avalon (under construction)
  5. Estes Quinstar (just a pointless OR exercise)
  6. APRO Lander II (built and awaiting paint)
  7. Starship Avalon preliminary design (under construction)
  8. Nibiru-X; upscale under construction by JJSR
  9. Biohazard (completed)
  10. Pong (just an idea)
  11. Space Needle (one day I'll build it)
  12. Super Skywriter
  13. Launch Lug Nightmare (possible future build, and it needs a proper name)
  14. Ring Warrior
  15. Diamond Cutter (completed)
  16. Diamond Cutter, photo studio
  17. Estes Solar Warrior (completed; test of new OR version)
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