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Fleet Pics

  1. Starship Avalon
  2. Starship Avalon
  3. APRO Lander II
  4. 1.67x Upscale Quintar (all pieces hand-cut!)
  5. The fleet as it stands
  6. Odd'l Cyclone, #2 (first one shredded)
  7. Biohazard fin can and lettering close-up
  8. Biohazard (scratch)
  9. Estes Astron Elliptic II
  10. Estes Quinstar, 24mm mount
  11. Diamond Cutter (scratch)
  12. Diamond Cutter lettering close-up
  13. Diamond Cutter forward transition close-up
  14. Diamond Cutter fin can close-up
  15. Estes Centuri
  16. Odd'l Birdie
  17. Solar Warrior launching on a D12
  18. Me with the Solar Warrior, in nearly matching garb
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