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Photo 5 of 11 from My Low Power Rocket Fleet

LP Rocket Fleet 2013

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4th January 2014, 07:58 AM
My Low Power Rocket Fleet
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  1. Fishhead
    First Semroc Goliath I've ever seen finished. Did you go with the cluster or the 24mm mount?
  2. Astronot
    To Fishhead: I went with the 24mm motor mount, but modified it to accept the longer (E) BP motors.
  3. Tau Zero
    So what's the black, orange, and white/gray rocket just to the right of the Semroc Goliath and in front of the Estes Hyper Bat?

    Can you take a solo shot of that one? It looks pretty distinctive.


  4. Astronot
    Tau Zero. Thanks for asking. That would be an Estes Skywinder. Helicopter recovery. I'll try to add some solo photos from the internet of that rocket to my photo album.
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